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Greater Newport Vision 2040 - Project Documents

[Full Document] Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 - Our Community Vision

Vision 2040 Brochure

Click here to see the Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 Brochure!


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Project Documents


Vision 2040 Project Fact Sheet

Vision 2040 Timeline

Vision 2040 Focus Areas

Vision 2040 Comment Card


Vision 2040 Hoja Informativa

Vision 2040 Áreas de Enfoque


Communications and Outreach Plan DRAFT

Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the development of a community-wide vision and strategic plan. In developing this Communications and Outreach Plan, the consultant team is assuming three phases in the Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 Project around which communications efforts and outreach activities are built. Opportunities to inform and engage will occur within the following phases:
1) Foundation building
2) Vision development and refinement
3) Strategic planning


Advisory Committee Materials and Minutes


What is a community vision?

A vision is a statement of our common values and, as such, is strongest when there is broad public engagement.  Greater Newport's 2040 visioning process offers an opportunity for the community to envision the future it wants and the steps that collectively need to be taken to make that desired future a reality.  Every effort will be made to encourage community-wide participation, with a specific focus on multi-cultural engagement.

Over the coming months, the City’s Vision Team will work with the community in developing a long-range, community-wide vision. Community activities for The Greater Newport Vision 2040 Project will kick off in early 2017 and last through summer 2017. At the end of this project, after much community engagement and feedback, the Greater Newport Area will have a community-wide Vision and Strategic Plan to help navigate future issues and guide community initiatives. Stay tuned for ways to be involved! Sign up for project updates, learn about upcoming events or volunteer with project activities at www.tinyurl.com/newport2040.

Contact Beth Young, Associate Planner, at 541-574-3341 with questions or comments about the visioning project any time.