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Current Projects

Newport Public Works has multiple projects under way at any one time. Major projects are shown below along with key information. Project status will be updated periodically. Questions? Contact the individual listed or call Public Works at 541.574.3366

Current Projects List:

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Project:Big Creek Pump Station  Project Number:2012-025 
Contact:Olaf Sweetman    Latest Update:9/26/2016
Status:The new pump station is under construction and expected to be operational by November 2016. 
Next Task:  
Description: This project replaces the existing Big Creek Pump Station, located next to Agate Beach State Park. The existing pump station is inadequate for existing and future demand, which causes occasional wastewater overflows into Big Creek during heavy rain events. 
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Project:NW Grove Street Sewer Extension  Project Number:2011-019 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:7/29/2016
Status:Construction drawings under review. 
Next Task: Project was not included in the FY17 budget, and will be requested for the FY18 budget. 
Description: This project will re-route sanitary sewer main that currently crosses under the Newport Fire Dept Main Station at 245 NW 10th St. The new sewer main will extend south from NW 11th St, running adjacent to the new Nazarene Church Youth Center and the NFD Main Station. 
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Project:Aquatic Center  Project Number:2013-019 
Contact:Tim Gross    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:Project is under construction, with completion expected by January 2017. 
Next Task: Construction of CMU walls is complete, and placement of structural steel has begun. Roof framing is expected to be complete by the end of July. Roof installation and pool excavation are expected to occur in early August. 
Description: This project is to construct a new aquatic facility south of the existing recreation center. Final aquatic center will include an 8 lane competitive pool, a recreational/therapy pool, and hot tub. Funding was provided through a General Obligation Bond approved in the Fall of 2013.

See here for more information. 
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Project:SE Ferry Slip Road Improvements  Project Number:2014-003 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:Major construction components are complete on this project. The City will perform a walkthrough of the Project and create a punch list of items for the Contractor to complete in order to achieve substantial completion.

The project drawings may be viewed here: Project Drawings 
Next Task:  
Description: Street improvements for SE Ferry Slip Road, including a multi-use path, from SE Marine Science Dr to SE Ash St. 
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Project:SW Abalone-Brant Street Improvements (OMSI Street Improvements)  Project Number:2014-002 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:Project is complete.

The project drawings may be viewed here: Project Drawings 
Next Task:  
Description: Street improvements including SW Abalone from Abalone to SW 35th Street, SW 30th from Abalone to Brant, SW Brant from 30th to the South Jetty Road, and SW 27th from Brant to Abalone. 
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Project:SE Moore Dr and Bay Blvd Drainage Improvements  Project Number:2012-015 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:The project was bid in May of 2016. The Engineers Estimate for the project was approximately 2.7 Million dollars and the lowest bid received was 4.47 million dollars. Staff will be making the recommendation to City Council to reject all bids and rebid the project at a later date. 
Next Task:  
Description: This project corrects failing storm sewer at SE Moore Dr and Bay Blvd, Bay Blvd and SE Fogarty St, and along SE 4th and SE Fogarty St. The intersection at SE Moore Dr and Bay Blvd will be realigned to provide better intersection safety.

Bayfront Neighborhood Meeting Presentation 
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Project:Safe Haven Hill Tsunami Evacuation Improvements  Project Number:2011-014 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:The Contractor is complete with their portion of the project. Additional Electrical work at the top of the hill and solar bollards are all that remain to be complete. 
Next Task:  
Description: This is a FEMA funded project with matching funds from the South Beach Urban Renewal Agency. The project involves the installation of sidewalks and multi-use paths to improve the accessibility of Safe Haven Hill for tsunami evacuation. The improvements include sidewalks and multi-use paths on SW Abalone Street and at the end of SW 28th Street, extension of a 12 wide access road to the top of Safe Haven Hill, stairs on the south side of the hill, a 3 wide trail on the north side of the hill, and some emergency lighting. 
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Project:Agate Beach Wastewater Improvements  Project Number:2011-002 
Contact:Jayson Buchholz    Latest Update:6/30/2016
Status:Big Creek Force Main is complete. Big Creek Pump Station is under construction and is expected to be complete in the Fall of 2016. The Schooner Creek and 48th St Pump Stations are in the beginning stages of design. 
Next Task:  
Description: Upgrade of wastewater collection system and pump stations north of old wastewater plant. Upgrades will address capacity issues and replace aging infrastructure. Projects include: Big Creek Force Main, Big Creek Pump Station, 48th St. Lift Station, 12/16 Force Main, Schooner Creek Lift Station, and Schooner Creek Force Main. 
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Project:Smoke Testing (Cross connection) Project  Project Number:2013-015 
Contact:Olaf Sweetman    Latest Update:2/4/2016
Status:Dye testing suspected cross connections. 
Next Task: Continue to refine problem areas. 
Description: This project identifies cross-connections and pipe failure issues contributing to fecal contamination in the Citys storm sewer system. 
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Project:Big Creek Dam 1 and 2  Project Number:2011-025 
Contact:Tim Gross    Latest Update:9/17/2015
Status:Beginning Phase 3. 
Next Task: Development of preliminary repair options. 
Description: This analysis will continue the previous geotechnical analysis that was conducted on the dam structures to eliminate some of the assumptions that had to be made on the last study because of the inability to access certain parts of the dam for drilling. When the soils analysis is complete, the consultant will develop a feasibility study identifying remediation options and costs. The City in conjunction with assistance from Chase Park Grants and HDR Engineering Inc. have submitted a grant application to the Oregon Department of Water Resources to assist in funding the feasibility study for Big Creek Dams 1 and 2. This application was submitted Nov. 1 and may yield up to $250,000 in additional funding for this project. Awards for this grant should take place sometime after the 1st of the year.

July 15th, 2015

Seismic Evaluation of Big Creek Dams No.1 and 2

July 20th 2015 Council Work Session Presentation

September 8th, 2015

Newport Dam Council Work session - 9/8/15  
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Project:Storm Water Master Plan  Project Number:2013-012 
Contact:Tim Gross    Latest Update:9/8/2014
Status:Developing public engagement portion of plan. 
Next Task: Hold public meetings to discuss master plan recommendations. 
Description: This project develops a storm water master plan which accurately models the hydraulic capacity of the Citys system, proposes capacity related projects, proposes code revisions to address water quality and erosion and sediment control issues, and makes recommendations for SDC adjustments based upon project recommendations. 
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