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Please note that not all Ordinances are currently available online. Hard copies are available from the City Recorder upon request.

Also, please refer the Newport Municipal Code as the primary resource. Some ordinances may have been repealed and superceded by more recent ones; the Municipal Code always contains the most current.

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2132  ADMINISTRATION: Renaming Don Davis Park as “Don and Ann Davis Park” 


2129  ADMINISTRATION: Amending Section 2.05.002(F) of the Newport Municipal Code Related to Boards, Committee, and Commission Appointment and Service 


2128  ADMINISTRATION: Amending the Public Facilities Element of the City of Newport Comprehensive Plan to Establish New Goals, Policies, and Implementation Measures Consistent with the New Airport Master Plan (Newport File No. 2-CP-17) 


2127  PLANNING: Amending the Newport Zoning Map to Facilitate Lincoln County School Distrit Use of the Old Municipal Pool Site (Newport File No. 6-Z-17) 


2126  PLANNING: Amending Chapter 9.85 of the Newport Municipal Code (Ordinance No. 665, as amended) Related to Street Numbering and Assignment of Secondary Addresses (Newport File No. 7-MISC-17)