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Dean Sawyer

Member Committees

Committee Position Date Elected Term Begins Term Expires
Affordable Housing CET Distribution Work Group Council1/4/20211/4/202112/31/2022
Budget Committee Mayor1/3/20231/6/2025
Cascades West Council of Governments Appointee1/4/20231/4/202312/31/2023
City Council Mayor1/1/20111/3/20231/2/2025
Destination Newport Committee Council Liaison Alternate1/3/20231/2/2024
Finance Work Group 8/6/20188/6/201812/7/2020
Police Advisory Committee Council Liaison Alternate1/4/20211/3/20231/2/2024
SDC Advisory 1/20/20171/20/20171/20/2017
Sister City Committee Council Liaison Alternate1/4/20231/4/20231/4/2023
Tourism Facility Grant Review Task Force
Transportation System Plan Policy Advisory Councilor9/30/20199/30/201912/31/2021
Urban Renewal Agency 5/29/20151/3/20231/6/2025
Water Supply Management and Conservation Workgroup Council Liaison1/4/20231/4/20231/4/2023