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Percent for Arts Program

The City of Newport has created a Public Arts Fund and encourages private developers to voluntarily donate up to 1% of eligible construction costs for this purpose.

The City of Newport created a Percent for Arts Program for the purpose of promoting the creation and inclusion of works of art in its public buildings and public spaces. The program is intended to provide cultural leadership to guide the evolution of a distinct and vibrant artistic character for civic public places and ensure a visual legacy. The Program will be a vital ingredient in the cultural fabric and streetscape of a creative city. The Program will become an integral component of the City's cultural plan.

With the Percent for Arts Program, a special Public Arts Fund was created to be used to account for the monies dedicated to the program. The Percent for Arts Program is intended to

1. increase the livability and artistic richness of the city by making art a permanent part of our environment and a legacy for future generations;

2. Provide opportunities for the public to increase their awareness, appreciation, knowledge and education of public art;

3. Develop a sense of place, community pride and identity through the creation of new works;

4. Integrate art and artists into a variety of public settings;

5. Create art that inspires people and is an expression of the time;

6. Enhance the attractiveness of the city, and promote cultural tours ; and

7. Provide opportunities for artists.

If you are interested in making such a contribution, please let the Community Development Department Staff know so that we may assist you in that effort.