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Frequently Asked Questions


Police reports may be released to the public under the Oregon Open Records Law, with certain restrictions, after the investigation has been completed. The Records Division shall only release information that has been reviewed and approved by a Patrol Supervisor; and the disposition of the case is closed, suspended or unfounded. Cases that are still under active investigation will not be released during the investigative period.

Cases resulting in an arrest cannot be released without the written authorization of the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. Records of juvenile defendants are kept confidential and cannot be released to the public. These records can only be released to public agencies, i.e. Children Services Division, Juvenile Department, District Attorney's Office, Department of Justice, and other law enforcement agencies.

If a case has a citation attached to appear for Municipal Court, the report cannot be released until verified by the Court Clerk that the case has been cleared from their docket.

There is a $15.00 fee for each copied police report and traffic crash report, regardless of the number of pages contained in each report. Photos on CD are also $15.00.

While we prefer requests for reports are made in person, a request may be mailed to Newport Police Department with a copy of the requestor's identification along with a check for the required fee, made payable to the City of Newport.

Records Request Form (pdf file)


We do not provide background or criminal history checks. This information must be obtained from Oregon State Police.

State law provides specific public access to criminal history record information through various processes. Limited access to another person´s criminal record information is available based on name and date of birth. Full access to obtain a persons own criminal history is available only through positive fingerprint identification. State of Oregon criminal history records may only be obtained through the Identification Services Section in Salem.

A form is provided to request your own criminal history record from Oregon State Police.


To determine if someone is currently incarcerated in the Lincoln County Jail, you may call 541.265.4277, or view the inmate roster online.

The Lincoln County Jail is located at 251 W. Olive Street, Newport, Oregon 97365.


Vehicles impounded by Newport Police Department for violations such as driving under the influence of intoxicants, driving while suspended or revoked, driving uninsured and/or operating a vehicle without driving privileges, must be cleared through the Records Division in order to issue a Vehicle Impound Release form.

Vehicle Impound Releases are issued during the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The owner or other person entitled to lawful possession of the vehicle must present the following items to the Newport Police Department:

  • Proof of ownership or right of possession (vehicle title or current registration)
  • Proof of valid driving privileges
  • Proof of current insurance for the vehicle
  • Payment of $110 administrative fee

Valid driving privileges can include a signed Implied Consent Form, in the circumstance of a DUII arrest. If an Implied Consent permit was not issued by the arresting officer, and the owner or other person entitled to possession of the vehicle does not have valid driving privileges, the vehicle may be released to a second party who accompanies the owner or person possessing the right of ownership, provided that person can show proof of valid driving privileges.

Vehicle Impound Releases are payable by cash, money order or cashier's check only, payable to the City of Newport. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.

The administrative fee paid to the City of Newport does not include any incurred charges and/or fees by the towing company.


If you think you may have an outstanding warrant for your arrest you must contact our Department or the Lincoln County Jail in person. This information cannot be provided by telephone. If you believe someone else has a warrant and you wish to turn that person in, you must call our Dispatch at 541.574.5807.


The Newport Police Department often receives calls regarding abandoned / nuisance vehicles and/or oversized vehicles being parked on city streets, and impound fees relating to a vehicle being towed. Here you will find an explanation of the Department’s Nuisance Vehicle Program, impound fees, and also list the City’s Municipal Codes for oversized vehicle and trailer parking on public streets. 

If you suspect a vehicle in your neighborhood has been abandoned, is a nuisance, or does not run, please call the Community Service Officer at 541.265.4847, or our Dispatch at 541.574.5807.


As much as we would like to honor requests for patches, we find that this is not feasible. Unfortunately, because of security concerns and the rising costs of such materials, we are unable to provide individuals with Department patches.


Law enforcement is a unique and valuable service to the community, and the Ride-Along Program helps educate citizens about the daily challenges and risks, as well as the opportunities for service that come with police work. Allowing citizens to ride along with police officers helps them learn more about law enforcement, but perhaps even more importantly, they can understand how complex the Officer's job really is.

The Newport Police Department encourages citizens to apply for ride-alongs, and to understand the rules and responsibilities necessary for observing a police officer at work. To apply for a ride-along, please download the Ride-Along Application and Waiver forms, fill in the required information, sign and return to Newport Police Department.


As a Volunteer for the Newport Police Department, your unique skills are rendered to assist the Department with a wide variety of duties. Participation in the Volunteer Program allows the citizens of the Newport community to become involved in Police Department activities and to provide assistance to Department staff. Through these activities and assistance, volunteers work with the community to prevent crime, provide services and create a safer environment for the City of Newport. Volunteers are fully trained to assist the Records staff, Detectives and Sergeants with special projects.

*You must complete a Volunteer Application and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteer Applications may also be picked up at Newport Police Department located in City Hall.

*You must be 19 years of age or older. Some Volunteer assignments require that you are 21 years of age or older.

*You must pass a background check. No serious criminal convictions.

*You must have a good driving record.

*You must have good moral character.

*You must follow Newport Police Department Policies and Procedures.


In the case of a violation charge, Oregon law requires the City prove you guilty of the offense with which you are charged by the preponderance of the evidence.  Every defendant has the right to remain silent and refuse to testify (without consequences).  You have the right to retain an attorney and have them try your case or answer your questions.  Since offenses in Municipal Court are punishable only by fine and not by incarceration, you do not have the right to appointed counsel.

You have the right to a trial before the judge, commonly called a bench trial.  At trial you have many rights including:

*The right to have notice of the complaint

*The right to hear all testimony introduced against you;

*The right to cross-examine witnesses who testify against you;

*The right to testify on your own behalf;

*The right not to testify.  Your refusal to do so may not be held against you in determining your innocence or guilt.  However, if you do testify, the City has the opportunity to cross-examine you;

*You may call witnesses to testify on your behalf at the trial, and have the court issue a subpoena (a court order) to any witnesses to ensure their appearance at the trial. You may also offer documentary evidence such as photographs or diagrams.

In addition to your rights, you also have some legal responsibilities.  The law requires you to make an appearance in your case.  Your appearance date is noted on your citation.  You or your attorney may appear in person in open court, by mail, or you may deliver your plea in person to the court.  The options are listed on the back side of your citation.

Your first appearance is to determine your plea.  You must be present at the date and time listed on your citation, unless you have made an appearance in writing or by choosing another option on the reverse side of the citation.  If your case is called and you do not appear, you may be found guilty by default with fines and fees assessed.  You could also face other penalties including a suspended driver license.

If you waive a trial and plead guilty or no contest you may present extenuating circumstances for the judge to consider when setting your fine. 

If you plead not guilty, the court will schedule a trial.  When you make your appearance by mail, the court must receive your plea before your scheduled appearance date.  If you plead not guilty, the court will notify you of the date of your trial. It is imperative that the court have your most recent mailing address on file as the court may send important information to you.

If you plead guilty or no contest, you waive your right to a trial.  You must mail or deliver your fine to the court by your appearance date.

For more information, please contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 541.574.0616.


You must call our Dispatch at 541.574.5807 to speak with an Officer by phone, or be contacted in person at your residence or place of business. If you choose to come to the Police Department during business hours, you will be instructed to use the lobby phone to speak with Dispatch so they may assign an Officer from Patrol to come in and speak with you.


Concealed Handgun Licenses are issued through the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.


Citizens sometimes need to have their fingerprints taken for purposes of employment, license applications, expunging records, etc. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office provides non-criminal fingerprinting services to the public.


On December 7, 2020, the Newport City Council adopted Resolution No. 3905 creating a Police Advisory Committee for the City of Newport.

The Police Advisory Committee is comprised of eleven members from the following community constituencies:

  • ●  Two members shall be residents of the city of Newport, representing residential property owners and renters; and
  • ●  One member shall be an owner or manager of a business located within the city, regardless of place of residence; and
  • ●  One member shall represent the Lincoln County School District; and
  • ●  Two members shall represent the LatinX community; and
  • ●  One member shall be a student from Newport High School; and
  • ●  One member shall have qualified experience in dispute resolution; and
  • ●  One member shall be at-large.Committee member terms are two years.
  • It is anticipated that the Committee will meet bi-monthly. The responsibilities of the Police Advisory Committee include:
  • ●  To enhance police-community relations; and review police activity and calls for service.
  • ●  To educate Committee members regarding police practices, protocols, procedures and updates; to review       police officer performance; and to provide a community perspective and recommendations concerning procedures, programs, and the effectiveness of the police services.
  • ●  To engage in training to learn about policing and to promote public awareness of the city’s police services and programs, including, but not limited to, business and residential crime prevention programs, safety training, domestic violence intervention, and school district/police/ community programs.
  • ●  To hold public meetings, from time to time, to solicit public input regarding police services, conduct, and programs.
  • ●  To serve as a liaison between the Police Department and the community.
  • ●  To encourage individuals and community groups to assist the Police Department in the implementation of police programs and services.
  • ●  To review policies and procedures and make recommendations concerning such other and further matters as may be referred to the Committee by the Mayor, City Council, or Police Chief.
  • ●  To review officer training and frequency of training regarding cultural competency and awareness content, and augment as it reflects local demands.
  • ●  To provide input on, promote, and distribute an annual report for the community with a compilation of statistics on citations, violations, broken down by demographics, and collection of community feedback documented on police interactions with community.
  • ●  To promote and distribute an infographic with a clear protocol on the process – from initial complaint to response so as to build trust and transparency and responsiveness.
  • ●  To review Committee composition to determine efficacy in outreach methods and recruitment of community members from varied community groups.
  • ●  To respond to community concerns in a timely manner.
  • ●  To prepare a report and recommendation to the Council determining formalization of the Police Advisory Committee.


For Agendas, Upcoming Events, Minutes & Audio, Committee Members List and Archives, click here.



If there isn't an active statewide burn ban, then yes. Use small pieces of wood only. Large logs are prohibited. The fire must be west of the vegetation line, NO EXCEPTIONS. Build your fire away from the beach grass and piles of driftwood. Extinguish the fire with water. Don’t just bury it. Burying the fire will allow it to remain hot and continue to smolder for hours. This could also cause someone to get burned.

The Newport Police and Fire Departments do not have jurisdiction over the beach. If you have questions, please contact the State Parks and Recreation Department at 503.986.0980.