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Scams are on the rise nationwide and scammers are finding that Newport is no exception when it comes to finding victims who might be likely to fall for the latest con artist tactics. When it comes to protecting yourself, common sense is your best weapon. Be suspicious. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A stranger is not going to mail you a check without there being a catch involved -- it's always beneficial to the scammer, but it could leave you thousands of dollars in the hole!

Some of the most recent scams attempted in Newport are:

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Ransomware Alert Email Phishing Tax Scam From the Boss Craigslist Scams
Paypal Scams Fake Tax Collectors OSP_Ticket_Collection_Scam
Green_Dot_MoneyPak_Scam Door_to_Door_Scams Grandparent_Scam_Alert


Government agencies around the world to which you may report frauds and scams.