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The Patrol Division, as in most agencies, is the backbone of the Department. Twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week, police officers patrol the streets of Newport. Responding from calls from the 911 dispatch center, officers investigate a wide variety of calls from shoplifting and thefts, to assaults and robberies. When not responding to calls for service or traffic crashes, officers patrol all portions of the city. Based on the theory of random patrol, the officers check businesses, residences and public facilities. The frequency of patrol for certain areas of the city may be higher based on past calls for service or crime analysis information. Officers are also on the lookout for traffic violators and known wanted criminals. Newport Police Department participates in three federal traffic safety grants. The grants provide funds for police officer's overtime to enforce DUII laws, pedestrian laws and safety belt laws.

The Newport Police Department has several officers who are trained in Mountain Bike Patrol. These officers ride bikes during special events, including parades and festivals. An officer on a bicycle is highly mobile, able to respond quickly in heavy foot or vehicular traffic. The officer can provide focused patrols in problem areas and can check areas that he might otherwise overlook from a patrol vehicle.

Throughout the year, during special events, extra officers are placed on duty. These events include the Seafood and Wine Festival, Loyalty Days, three-day holiday weekends, New Year's Eve, the Fourth of July, and other special occasions.

Chief Jason Malloy

Chief Jason Malloy

Serving since 1994

Sgt. Tyson Haynes

Lt. Tyson Haynes

Serving since 1999

Sgt. Brent Gainer

Lt. Brent Gainer

Serving since 2007

Sgt. Steve Hallmark

Sgt. Steve Hallmark

Serving since 2012

Sgt. Mike Leake

Sgt. Mike Leake

Serving since 2016

Officer Aaron Bales

Sgt. Aaron Bales

Serving since 2017

Ofc. Kraig Mitchell

Ofc. Kraig Mitchell

Serving since 2005

Officer Sam Clark

Ofc. Sam Clark

Serving since 2015

Officer Sean Nieto

Ofc. Sean Nieto

Serving since 2019

Officer Abraham Felix

Ofc. Abraham Felix

Serving since 2019

Officer Laura Kenney

Ofc. Laura Kenney

Serving since 2022

Officer Jerimiah Mangum

Ofc. Jerimiah Mangum

Serving since 2022

Officer Emma Paranto

Ofc. Emma Cullivan

Serving since 2022

Officer Jack Grippin

Ofc. Jack Grippin

Serving since 2022

Officer Jerrod Eshleman

Ofc. Jerrod Eshleman

Serving since 2023

Officer Ari Werner

Ofc. Ari Werner

Serving since 2023

Officer Darren Cicerone - Serving since 2023

Ofc. Darren Cicerone

Serving since 2023

Officer Jaden Welsh - serving since 2024

Ofc. Jaden Welsh

Serving since 2024

K-9 Zoe

Drug Detection K9 Zoe

Serving since 2019